KDFL Noticeboard

General Information
Executive meetings will be held regularly at the Newbridge Parish Centre, Station Road, Newbridge. Players may be requested to attend disciplinary hearings at these meetings. Management Meetings will be held on the following dates at The Keadeen Hotel Newbridge at 8.00pm (Wednesdays)

  • Wednesday 12th April
  • Wednesday 10th May
  • Wednesday 14th June
  • Wednesday 12th July
  • Wednesday 9th August
  • Wednesday 13th Sept
  • Wednesday 11th Oct

All Clubs must be represented at these meetings - There is a fine of €50 for non-attendance. Player and Manager of the Month Awards for each Month of the Season will be presented at these Meetings. The Annual Presentation will take place at the Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge, Co. Kildare on Friday 1st December 2017. Music by So-Fresh Entertainment. The Annual General Meeting will take place in February/March 2017 at a venue to be advised.

Fee details Season 2017
League Fees

    Registration fees (Junior and Over 35s)€30
    Registration fees (Women)€25
    Second Transfer€40
    Inter-League Transfer€30
    League Directory/Rule Book€15 each
    Cup Fees€25 each
    Shield FeesNil

    Leinster FA Fees

    Affiliation (included in KDFL League Fee)
    LFA Junior Cup
    LFA Junior Shield
    LFA Youth Cup
    FAI Junior Cup

    Note re LFA/FAI Competitions:
    The KDFL will circulate to each Club by email the entry forms to these competitions -All completed entry forms for Leinster FA and FAI competitions and the relevant fees to be forwarded to the Kildare and District Football League. Cheques etc. to be made payable to the Kildare and District Football League. The League will forward the entries to the FAI / LFA. The league will not take responsibility for forms/money sent directly to the FAI and/or the LFA. All fees are to be paid to the Honorary Treasurer, whose details are included elsewhere in this booklet.

    Rule 119.4 The term 'subsequent match of the same competition' will only apply to a player who is sent off in a National/Provincial cup competition (ie). FAI Senior Cup/FAI Junior Cup/LFA Junior Cup/LFA Junior Shield/FAI Youth Cup/LFA Youth Cup/LFA Over 35 Cup/FAI Womens Junior Cup/LWFC Womens Junior Cup or any Inter-League Competition (and only if they progress to the next round of said competition) If the player cannot serve the suspension in the 'subsequent match of the same competition' in the season - they must serve the suspension in the next domestic competitive game.

    Rule 119.4- will apply to any other 'Domestic' competition within the KDFL.(ie) If a player is sent off in any KDFL Cup/Shield competition - they must serve their 'Automatic' suspension in the next competitive game - whatever its status - and vice-versa.

    ------------------ FAI Rules of the Association (as Amended 9th February 2017) RULE 119. EXPULSION 1. An expulsion is the order given by the referee to someone to leave the field of play and its surroundings, including the substitutes’ bench, during a match. The person who has been sent off may be allowed into the stands unless he is serving a stadium ban. 2. Expulsion takes the form of a red card for Players including substitutes. The red card is regarded as direct if it sanctions offences as defined by Law 12 of the Laws of the Game; it is regarded as indirect if it is the result of an accumulation of two yellow cards. 3. A direct or indirect red card incurs a one (1) match automatic suspension. This automatic suspension is not subject to appeal unless in the case of mistaken identity as provided for in Rule 119. 4. a) In all FAI National competitions, FAI National Competitions, National Body Competitions, WFC Competitions and Provincial Association Competitions an expulsion automatically incurs a one match suspension from the subsequent match of the same competition. b) If it is not possible to impose the automatic one match suspension on a Player in the current season, the automatic one match suspension shall be served in the next domestic competitive match. c) Any additional suspension arising from the expulsion shall be served in accordance with Rule 120.7 5. In all other matches played under the auspices of the FAI an expulsion automatically incurs a one (1) match suspension from the next Domestic Competitive Match. A Player sent from the field of play shall serve an automatic suspension at the same level of football i.e. a Player sent from the field of play in a 1st team fixture may not serve an automatic suspension in a reserve team fixture or U19 fixture and viceversa. 6. In all friendly matches sanctions imposed shall be applied as directed by the body making the decision. 7. An Official dismissed from the technical area by the Match Official must take no further part in the match by managing, directing, assisting or communicating with his team in any way. Football Association of Ireland Rules effective from 9th February 2017 8. The automatic suspension applies notwithstanding the pending decision of the Disciplinary Committee. 9. Should the same Player be dismissed again in the same season including the automatic suspension the following minimum suspension shall apply: - 2nd sending off suspended for 1 match (automatic) 3rd sending off suspended for 2 matches (automatic plus 1) 4th sending off suspended for 4 matches (automatic plus 3) 5 or more dismissals suspended for 6 matches (automatic plus 5) 10. A Player who has been sent off in a match will be notified, through his club, of the offence reported by the Match Official, and at the same time advised that he will be subject to a decision of the appropriate disciplinary body. 11. In the case of a claim of alleged mistaken identity concerning a Player sent off in a match, the Player concerned and his Club must, within twenty four (24) hours of receiving the Match Official’s report, submit in writing to the Disciplinary Control Unit, particulars upon which the claim is founded including the identity of the person responsible. The particulars must also include a signed statement by the Player reported by the Match Official that he was not responsible for the offence reported. If the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that the claim warrants further investigation, a Disciplinary Committee shall be convened to meet before any automatic penalty is due to take effect. If the Disciplinary Committee is satisfied that mistaken identity has been proved in a case, the record of the offence will be transferred to the appropriate offender, who shall be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with the provisions of the current procedures. Video or independent authoritative evidence must be produced by person(s) seeking the appeal. 12. An expulsion automatically incurs an automatic suspension even if imposed in a match that is later abandoned and/or annulled. The Disciplinary Committee may extend the duration of the suspension.

    The disciplinary committee may impose a further suspension on the player and the club will be notified in the normal manner. There is no right of appeal against the automatic suspension except in the case of mistaken identity. The right to appeal a ban over and above the automatic ban still stands. Hearings may take place at Executive Meetings each week of the Season. Players who are sent off may be requested to attend a hearing or may themselves request a personal hearing. Club Secretaries are notified of Disciplinary Hearing results by letter – posted/emailed the day following the hearing. Players stand suspended until their fines are paid. In cases of serious breach of rule, Clubs/players may be suspended with immediate effect and in such cases the Secretary of the Club will be notified in writing as soon as possible following the imposition of the suspension. Notifications of this nature will be delivered by hand/email.

    In order to gain maximum media coverage for the League. There will be a minimum of two “match of the days” each week. Clubs will be notifed prior to their game if their game is selected and must report on the game by 5.00pm on the day of the game BY EMAIL to reginacasey1@yahoo.ie This report should be brief but detailed and must always include the following information – goal scorers(If any) and approximate minute. Brief build up to the score. Your goalkeeper’s name, the names and positions of your better players and any other information that is relevant or interesting. Do not use this service to complain about the performance of Referees etc – there is a procedure in place for such complaints. The League’s activities are reported each week through the following media. The Leinster Leader (Tuesday), The Evening Herald (Mon. Striker supplement) KFM Radio (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon) and on Pod Cast at www.kfmradio.com On the League website www.kdfl.ie Occasionally on twitter @kildareleague Or on Facebook ; Kildare and District Football League

    Fixtures are notified through the The Leinster Leader (Official) and The Evening Herald and through League Press Releases. All queries regarding fixtures should be directed to the League Secretary/Fixtures Secretary on 0879557461. Requests for free Sundays must be lodged in writing with the Honorary Secretary ten days in advance of the fixture. Requests will also be accepted by email to reginacasey1@yahoo.ie. Requests for late postponements (eg. due to a bereavement etc.) may be made by phone to the League Secretary 0879557461

    Junior Domestic Rules
    In all domestic League /cups/shields/Play off competitions a maximum of five substitutions can be made from a panel of 18 during a match (with the consent of the Offiical and only in a break in play) – this to include extra time in cup/shield competition. In all provincial/National Cup competitions the Rules of those bodies apply.

    Women Football
    Full Junior Football Rules apply to the above competitions. Note - Recommendation for Domestic competition only in the womens section In all domestic League /cups/shields competitions a maximum of five substitutions can be made from a panel of 18 during a match (with the consent of the Offiical and only in a break in play) - this to include extra time in cup/shield competition. In all provincial/National Cup competitions the Rules of those bodies apply.

    Masters Football
    Full Junior Football Rules apply to the above competitions with the following exceptions: a) Duration - 35 minutes aside. b) Substitutions - Five substitutes can be named on the match card – all rolling on and off from the half way line only during a break in play and at the referees approval. c) In all Cup/Shield and play off Competition - there is no extra time. If a match finishes level at the end of normal time – the game goes straight to penalties. d) Regrading will apply (see below) Recommendations taken on Board by the KDFL Executive following the AGM 2016 :

    Manager of the Year
    A Manager of the year will be selected by the KDFL Executive for presentation of an Award at the League's Annual Awards Ceremony in November.

    Maximum exposure on the airwaves
    The League from time to time may decide on the kick off time of certain games in the League to maximise its exposure on KFM Radio (ie full live coverage etc). This time may not necessarily be the home team's preferred kick off time.

    Match Cards
    The League in association with the Kildare Laois Branch of the ISRS have agreed in the interest of the game that a team can request a snap shot of the completed match card following any game played domestically. The person requesting the snap shot MUST be an official member of their Club, preferably the person who has completed the card initially.

    Regrading Junior/masters
    The League have initiated a regrading system as follows (a) A regarding system will apply between Masters Division 1 and Masters Division 2. (a) A regarding system will apply between Junior Divisions and Masters Division (ie. any player who has played five or more Junior games must be regraded on the Official League regrading form and have the form sanctioned by the League before he plays further masters football - he then can continue to play masters football (only) however if he decided to return to the Junior Divisions he must remain there until the end of the Season. )

    Minute Rule adopted at Council Meeting Wednesday April 13th 2016
    Disciplinary Notices to all Clubs will be sent electronically to the email address of the Registered Secretary of the Club and will no longer be sent in the post. The Notices will be sent on the Monday week following the game/s or any other infringements of the KDFL Rule book. Your Club will have the right to appeal these decisions directly to the Leinster Football Association / The Football Association of Ireland, under the rules of those Bodies, from the date of receipt of the said email.

    Schedule of standard fines 2017 season

    Failing to attend council meetings€50
    Sendings off€30
    Giving a walk over€50 minimum
    Failing to fulfil a fixture (Without adequate notice)€50 minimum
    Failing to attend disciplinary hearing Committee Decision
    Failing to respond to correspondence from League on time€50 minimum
    Incomplete or incorrectly completed match card€50
    Unsatisfactory pitch markings, goal post, corner flags, nets.€100
    Non-payment of RefereeDouble total fee
    Failing to supply match report - incomplete/late reports€30
    Team responsible for late kick off Discip.decision
    Team responsible for abandonment of matchDiscip.decision
    Unsatisfactory precautions for safety of Players, match Officials and spectators Discip.decision
    Reds Cards = Refer to FAI Rule 119 -The disciplinary committee may also impose a further ban, which will be notified to the club in the normal manner.€30 also applies.
    Yellow cards 4 = one match suspension €30
    Yellow cards Second 4 cards = one match suspension€30
    Yellow cards 12= two match suspension€30
    Yellow cards Each further 4 cards three match suspension€30
    Team misconduct€50 Minimum
    Protest fee to the Kildare & District Football League€50 Draft/Moneyorder
    When lodging a protest to the Kildare & District Football League please consult the KDFL Rulebook
    Appeal to the LFAConsult LFA
    Appeal to the FAIConsult FAI
    Notes - All fines must be paid on receipt of the notification. Please ensure that the Disciplinary note reference number is quoted when paying fine.

    Players stand suspended until their fines are paid.
    Disciplinary committee decisions on suspensions etc. will apply in addition to the above fines.

    Public Liability Insurance
    IMPORTANT: In accordance with FAI rules all clubs must provide proof to the League that they hold valid public liability insurance cover before competing – (see FAI Rule Book)

    Data Protection Legislation
    Each Club must complete and lodge with the League a Data Protection Questionnaire Form. The forms are available from the Honorary Secretary

    Referees Fees 2017
    The following are the arrangements entered into with the Kildare / Laois Branch of the Irish Soccer Referee’s Society for Season 2017

    Standard March fee€24.00
    Mileage allowance (home to home)€0.50/Mile
    Meal allowance (only applies if official referees two games on day)€6.00

    Example calculation where referee officiates at two games:

    Match fees (2 x 24)€48.00
    Milage 40 @ 0.50€20.00
    Meal Allowance€6.00

    Cost shared between 4 teams =€18.50 Each

    Notes on mileage allowance:
    Minimum mileage allowance is €18. If the mileage is over 100 miles the meal allowance is €20 There is an additional fee of €6.00 to be paid for Senior Division games.

    1. If a referee calls of a game due to the condition of the pitch or other nonconformity Inline with League Rules (Requirements for matchday). The referee shall be paid half match fee plus full expenses. 2. If a game is not played for any other reason (eg. no-show of a team) the referee shall be paid full fee plus expenses. The team present shall pay half this fee and the team responsible for the non-playing of the game shall be charged half (plus any other fine the league may impose.

    Free weekend requests - will only be granted at the approval of the League Executive and must be applied for 10 days in advance by EMAIL to the League Secretary at reginacasey1@yahoo.ie. No text/FB messages accepted.

    Other League kick offs - Over 35s kick off - Saturday 16th April / Womens Divisions Monday 25th April.

    As per Rule all player registrations to be received by the Executive leaving one calendar day between receipt of the Registration by the League and the game (For Domestic League games) and 14 days (For domestic Cup/Shield games) All registrations to be accompanied by the relevant registration fee.
    FeesClubs will be circulated with your current Statements of Account over the coming week. All fees are now due - please contact the League Treasurer immediately for any queries.

    Senior League Focus
    The Senior Division will be featured weekly in the Provincial Press. All Senior Div Teams are required to text after each game, their best players, scorers, near misses etc to 0879557461 before 5pm on Sundays. We need all Teams to embrace this initiative in order to give the Senior Division maximum exposure.

    ISRS Kildare/Laois Branch Annual Seminar - ISRS will hold their annual seminar on Saturday April 4th at Clongowes wood college Clane. A full attendance is essential. All enquries to John Dwane.

    Free weekend requests - will only be granted at the approval of the League Executive and must be applied for 10 days in advance by EMAIL to the League Secretary at reginacasey1@yahoo.ie. No text/FB messages acceptable.

    Other League kick offs - Over 35s kick off - Saturday 11th April / Womens Divisions Monday 27th April

    Child Awareness In Sport Workshop - The League will commence their Child Awareness workshops in conjunction with the FAI. The first of which takes place on Tuesday 21st April venue to be confirmed. The workshops are limited to 16 and will be available at a special rate of €5 per applicant as the KDFL will subsidise. All enquiries to any League Executive member.

    FAI Youth Certificate - The FAI will hold a Youth Certificate which will be hosted by the KDFL at Mullarney Pk Castledermot (Home of Castle Villa AFC) commencing April 23rd thru to April 26th. The course is available to book on line via the FAI on-line booking system at https://payments.fai.ie/. The KDFL will be subsidising this course also to its members. All enquiries to 0879557461.

    Congratulations - To Kildare Town AFC’s David Herd who represented Kildare on the Leinster Football Association’s Youth Representative side at an Inter-Pro tournament in Germany last week. The LFA had a very successful tournament winning both their games. Congrats David and well done.

    First Aid Kits

    Our first aid kits are now available for the League at the discounted price of €35 euro. Any Club who is interested please contact any member of the Executive.

    Annual Awards Night 

    The 24th Annual awards night of the KDFL will take place on Friday 1st December 2017 in the Keadeen Hotel Newbridge, tickets are €50 each which includes 3 course meal and dancing to DJ Damien Coyne of So Fresh Entertainment. All enquiries to any KDFL Executive member.


    Social Media and Graphic Workshop

    Expressions of Interest are now being sought from members to attend a Social Media/graphics workshop which will be facilitated by the KDFL and Justin Burke, of Justin Burke Sports Media and former FAI PRO of the Year. The workshop will take place on Wednesday 20th Sept 8-10pm in the Keadeen Hotel. The workshop will be free of charge and open to any KDFL or KDUL member Club, this is your opportunity to learn more about getting the most from your Social media pages/increase membership/graphics/posters etc.  Please contact the League Secretary by email at reginacasey1@yahoo.ie


    Return of Trophies 

    All trophy/cup winners from 2016 must return their trophies to any league Executive member. Trophies not returned  will be collected by the Executive at a cost to each Club.


    Important Notice

    Return of Trophies

    All trophy/cup winners from 2016 must return their trophies to any league Executive member on or before Wednesday 9th August 2017. Trophies not returned before this date will be collected by the Executive at a cost to each Club.

    KFM Radio Media Workshop -

    Our friends at KFM Radio will be hosting a workshop for anyone interested in becoming a match day reporter. Eoin Beatty who will be hosting the sports programmes and looking after us this year has kindly agreed to lend his expertise to any budding reporter. The aim of the workshop is for the reporter to gain knowledge and insight into the mechanisms involved while reporting live on match day. The workshop will take place in Newbridge over the coming weeks, one evening (2hours). We hope to have live coverage every week of the season on KFM Radio however we need to build up a pool of Reporters so as to alleviate the burden on any one person.
    If anyone is interested please give us a call on 0879557461 or email reginacasey1@yahoo.ie