JOINT PRESS RELEASE 2nd December 2018

The KDFL and KDUL are delighted and honored to announce that their application to host the Football Association of Ireland ‘Festival of Football 2025’ has been accepted by the Board of the Association.

Since 2017 the FAI have been visiting various Counties around the Country as part of the week long ‘Festival of Football roadshow’. It is a fantastic way to connect with Clubs who are making a difference in the development of the game in their particular area.

This be the first time the Festival will be brought to Kildare having visited, Kerry, Mayo, Monaghan, Wexford, Clare, Donegal, Wicklow, Westmeath, Sligo/Leitrim, Tipperary, Kilkenny and Cork in recent years.
Among the events planned for the weeklong Festival are numerous daily visits to Kildare Clubs by former and current Republic of Ireland Internationals, well known football personalities, high profile coaches, and FAI personnel as they take part in soccer camps and games across the County. The FAI Coached Department will run a festival in tandum for the weeklong celebrations and offer a unique opportunity for parents and aspiring coaches to complete introductory level courses and workshops, while football fun days will take place at Clubs around the County.

The FAI will make equipment, funds, match tickets and services available to Clubs in Kildare to mark the hosting of the Festival which will culminate with the FAI Delegates Dinner and AGM. The dinner and AGM will be attended by approximately 300 Leagues Delegates and Provincial Representatives from every corner of the Country as they descend to this beautiful and vibrant Soccer County. At the Delegates dinner numerous awards will be presented to acknowledge people involved in the development and administration at the grassroots level of the game nationally.

A huge part of the Festival of Football is celebrating what has been done in the area and recognising achievements of Clubs as they strive to promote the game in their locality. In recent years huge developments have been made by Clubs and this is an opportunity for them to showcase their efforts to a wider audience. Indeed it is also an opportunity for those in the early stages of development to now make targets for themselves on field and off over the coming years in the lead up to the event.

With a combined affiliation currently of 61 Clubs / in excess of 5150 registered players the KDFL and KDUL felt it was time to apply to show the great strides made in promoting the game both in terms of development and participation in the County since both league’s were established over two decades ago (KDFL 1994 – KDUL 1992) Both leagues cater for all strands of the underage and adult game from Under 10 to Over 35s including girls and women. Both League have a good working relationship and have liaised frequently on initiatives including workshops and courses. To be selected as a host County for such an auspicious occasion is the pinnacle of the achievements of so many.

Together with the assistance of our hard working Executives we welcome the opportunity to have our friends in the wider Football Family to the County of Kildare.

Preparations for the week long event will start as early as 2023. The leagues will be liaising closely with the FAI on ensuring its’ success.

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