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Schedule of standard fines 2021 season


Failing to attend council meetings €50

Sendings off €35 

Giving  a walk over €50 minimum

Failing to fulfil a fixture (Without adequate notice) €50 minimum

Failing to attend disciplinary hearing Committee Decision

Failing to respond to correspondence from League on time €50 minimum

Incomplete or incorrectly completed match card €50

Unsatisfactory pitch markings, goal post, corner flags, nets.             €100

Non-payment of Referee Double total fee

Failing to supply match report – incomplete/late reports €35

Team responsible for late kick off Discip.decision

Team responsible for abandonment of match Discip.decision

Unsatisfactory precautions for safety of

Players, match Officials and spectators Discip.decision

Reds Cards =  Refer to FAI Rules on Disciplinary

 -The disciplinary committee may also impose a further ban, which will

be notified to the club in the normal manner. €35 also applies.

Yellow cards 4 = one match suspension €35

Yellow cards Second 4 cards = one match suspension €35

Yellow cards 12= two match suspension €35

Yellow cards Each further 4 cards three match suspension €35

Team misconduct (five or more players carded in any one game) €50 Minimum (FAI Rule) 

Protest fee to the Kildare & District Football

League €50 Draft/Moneyorder

When lodging a protest to the Kildare &

District Football League please consult the KDFL Rulebook

Appeal to the LFA Consult LFA

Appeal to the FAI Consult FAI

Notes - All fines must be paid on receipt of the

notification. Please ensure that the Disciplinary note 

reference number is quoted when paying fine.


Players stand suspended until their fines are paid.

Disciplinary committee decisions on suspensions etc. 

will apply in addition to the above fines.

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