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General Rules


Ref FAI (Rule 38.4)

a) In all FAI National League competitions, FAI National Cup Competitions, National Body Competitions, WFC Competitions and Provincial Associations Competitions, an expulsion automatically incurs a one match suspension from the subsequent match of the same competition. 

b) If it is not possible to impose the automatic one match suspension on a Player in the current season, the automatic one match suspension shall be served in the next domestic competitive match. 

c) Any additional suspension arising from the expulsion shall be served in accordance with Part D Section 3 Rule 39.7. 

5. In all other matches played under the auspices of the FAI an expulsion automatically incurs a one (1) match suspension from the next Domestic Competitive Match. A Player sent from the field of play shall serve an automatic suspension at the same level of football i.e. a Player sent from the field of play in a 1st team fixture may not serve an automatic suspension in a reserve team fixture or U19 fixture and vice-versa.


Rule 38.4 The term 'subsequent match of the same competition' will only apply to a player who is sent off in a National/Provincial cup competition (ie). FAI Senior Cup/FAI Junior Cup/LFA Junior Cup/LFA Junior Shield/FAI Youth Cup/LFA Youth Cup/LFA Over 35 Cup/FAI Womens Junior Cup  or any Inter-League Competition (and only if they progress to the next round of said competition) If the player cannot serve the suspension in the 'subsequent match of the same competition' in the season - they must serve the suspension in the next domestic competitive game.


The disciplinary committee may impose a further suspension on the player

and the club will be notified in the normal manner. There is no right of

appeal against the automatic suspension except in the case of mistaken identity.

The right to appeal a ban over and above the automatic ban still stands.

Hearings may take place at Executive Meetings each week of the Season. Players who are sent off may be requested to attend a hearing or may themselves request a personal hearing. Club Secretaries are notified of Disciplinary Hearing results by letter – posted/emailed the day following the hearing. Players stand suspended until their fines are paid. 

In cases of serious breach of rule, Clubs/players may be suspended with immediate effect and in such cases the Secretary of the Club will be notified in

writing as soon as possible following the imposition of the suspension. Notifications of this nature will be delivered by hand/email.



In order to gain maximum media coverage for the League. There will be a at least one feature game each week. Clubs will be notifed prior to their game if their game is selected and must report on the game by 6.00pm on the day of the game BY EMAIL to This report should be brief but detailed and must always include the following information – goal scorers(If any) and approximate minute. Brief build up to the score.

Your goalkeeper’s name, the names and positions of your better players and any other information that is relevant or interesting.

Do not use this service to complain about the performance of

Referees etc – there is a procedure in place for such complaints.

The League’s activities are reported each week through the following media. 

The Leinster Leader (Tuesday)

The Kildare Nationalist (Tuesday) 

KFM Radio (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon) and on Pod Cast at

On the League website

Or on Facebook ; Kildare and District Football League 

Occasionally on twitter @kildareleague 



Fixtures are notified through the The Leinster Leader (Official) and through League Press Releases.

All queries regarding fixtures should be directed to the League Secretary/Fixtures Secretary on 0879557461. Free requests will not be granted for the 2021 season, only in extenuating circumstances will requests be entertained. 


Junior Domestic Rules :-


In all domestic League /cups/shield/Plate and Play off  competitions (with the exception of Masters Football)  a maximum of five substitutions can be made from a panel of 18 during a match (with the consent of the Official and only in a break in play)  – this to include extra time in cup/shield competition. In all provincial/National Cup competitions the Rules of those bodies apply.


Women Football :-

Full Junior Football Rules apply.

Note – Recommendation for Domestic competition only in the womens section :

In all domestic League /cups/shields competitions a maximum of five substitutions can be made from a panel of 18 during a match (with the consent of the Official and only in a break in play) – this to include extra time in cup/shield/Plate competition. In all provincial/National Cup competitions the Rules of those bodies apply. 

Masters Football

Full Junior Football Rules apply to the above competitions with the following exceptions;-

  1. Duration – 35 minutes aside.

  2. Substitutions – Seven substitutes can be named on the match card – all rolling on and off from the halfway line only during a break in play and at the referee’s approval.

  3. In all Cup/Shield and play off Competition - there is no extra time. If a match finishes level at the end of normal time – the game goes straight to penalties.

  4. A re-grading system will apply within the Masters Divisions. 


Maximum exposure on the airwaves

The League from time to time may decide on the kick off time of certain games in the League to maximise its exposure on KFM Radio (ie full live coverage etc). This time may not necessarily be the home team's preferred kick off time. 


Team Sheets

The League in association with the Kildare Laois Branch of the ISRS have agreed in the interest of the game that a team can request a snap shot of the completed match card/team sheet following any game played domestically. The person requesting the snap shot MUST be an official member of their Club, preferably the person who has completed the card initially.

Team sheets (continued)

Team sheets will be used during the Covid19 pandemic. To be completed prior to the game by each Club and handed to the Referee in a polly pocket/envelope with the relevant match fee.  


Regrading Masters Divisions

The League have initiated a regrading system as follows:-

(a) A regarding system will apply between Masters Division 1 and Masters Division 2.

Minute Rule adopted at Council Meeting Wednesday April 13th 2016 :-

Disciplinary Notices to all Clubs will be sent electronically to the email address of the Registered Secretary of the Club and will no longer be sent in the post. The Notices will be sent on the Monday week following the game/s or any other infringements of the KDFL Rule book. Your Club will have the right to appeal these decisions directly to the Leinster Football Association / The Football Association of Ireland, under the rules of those Bodies, from the date of receipt of the said email. 

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